Lamentatie voor tijden die eens waren (2019)

Vl I – Natálie Kulina

Vl II – Ana Brandão

Vla – Lilian Haug

Vc – Antoni Cholewiński

Fuga in g klein (2018)

Organ – Jaap Zwart

Jaap Zwart playing the mighty 19th-century organ of St Nicholas’ Basilica in Amsterdam, built by the renowned Wilhelm Sauer

Oceanisch Verlangen (2017)

The sound of the music was versatile, with lyrical melodies for both the voices and the clarinet, dramatic power and coherent content. Here, talent for music drama revealed itself in an original setting by director Adrian Linz

Franz Straatman, Place de l’Opera

Mini-Opera written and produced for the Opera Forward Festival of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet in 2017

Director – Adrian Linz | Libretto – Amro Kasr | Scenography – Han Buhrs Video – Jordi Wolswijk, Douwe Bulten | Dramaturgy – Iris Spanbroek Production – Paula Braas, Shaked Franke, Savan Huisman

Conductor – Damiano Pascarelli | Cast – Nienke Nasserian, Maurice Rommers, Fabian Homburg | Musicians – Niki de Vlaming, Helga Korbar, Dagmar Korbar, Sara Novoselić, Kasper Stern, Tonio Comesaña Pintos, Éadaoin Copeland, Sergio Sande Casal

Masquerade (2016)

Heij has composed a surprisingly lyrical piece … the first and third sections move at a brisk pace; the middle section is quiet and atmospheric. It emerges as a remarkably consistent effort

Ben Taffijn, Nieuwe Noten

Nieuw Ensemble

Blazing Sunrise in the Blackest of Night (2020)

The composers’ electronic debut

Désolation (2015)

Violin – Lara Albesano | The Score Collective under Ed Spanjaard

Live at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ

Sonata Movement – Andante (2015)

Piano – David Ko

*Not an actual conductor