Here, talent for music drama revealed itself

Franz Straatman, Place de l’Opera

Melle Heij is an Amsterdam-based composer specializing in instrumental, orchestral and vocal music.

Additionally, he writes articles for De Nieuwe Muze, an independent music magazine, as well as working as a private composition teacher.

Melle Heij – Composer

Lamentatie voor tijden die eens waren (2019)


*Haarlem, Netherlands, 1997

Conservatorium van Amsterdam (2014 – 2020)

Studied with Willem Jeths, Joël Bons, Richard Ayres, Wim Henderickx

Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition 2016


Opera Forward Festival 2017

Opera Oceanisch Verlangen

worked with:

Asko | Schönberg – Nieuw Ensemble – Ed Spanjaard – Dutch National Opera & Ballet – String Orchestra Nanagen (JPN)


As composers, I believe it is our task to pursue the urge to create and nourish beauty to the best of our ability. This is a daunting task, yet also our self-evident purpose – one we must believe in. The sheer range of different shapes and forms that beauty can encompass, from the introspective to the jubilant, from the desperate to the elegiac, is our privilege as composers to indulge in, and the transformative power of music as imagined and realized by the most sensitive and skillful individuals has drawn human beings into its inexhaustible world for generations beyond count.

As such, I search for beauty wherever it may present itself, and look for the most profound ways to realize its full potential.